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Steiff Hansel And Gretel – 2 Pieces In This Set 006647

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“From Famous Story by Brothers Grimm”

Steiff Hansel and Gretel – here Steiff have designed two famous teddy bears made from alpaca.
The story was written by the Brothers Grimm and here we have the brother and sister creation.

They make a pretty duo – with one made from light cream and the other in warm dusk colour.
Each teddy has large black eyes and hand embroidered mouth and nose – and are fully jointed (means their arms, legs and head are moveable).

The Steiff bears are gently dressed using matching coloured material and both are holding pieces of gingerbread.
Hansel is dressed in brown dungarees with a lovely white shirt and Gretel is dressed in a a smart dress made in brown and red with a perfect white apron.
A wonderful pair……………

Two very collectible bears both with the same limited edition number.

Limited edition worldwide of just 750 pieces