Steiff Frog Prince & Pretty Princess 006098


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“The Princess and the Exquisite Frog have same limited numbers”

Steiff THE FROG PRINCE SET is a dainty beautiful PRINCESS and her little FROG.

The PRINCESS is made from the finest wood plush in a mixture of honey and cream and the sweet little FROG is made from cotton velvet in a mixture of bright green and white.

The PRINCESS is five way jointed (means you can move her head, arms and legs) and is made in a mixture of colours with a white cheeks, hand embroidered black mouth and nose together with black shiny eyes.
She is dressed in a PRINCESS dress in pale pink with beading at the top of the dress – and with a little crown on the very top of her head – well she is a Princess.

The FROG is bright green with a white chest and paw pads. He has a smiling mouth and black shiny eyes – and also has a little crown on the very top of his head – well he is a very special FROG.

The PRINCESS is 15cm
The FROG is 5cm