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Steiff 076909 Curlie Cockapoo

£54.90 £49.00

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This new cross-breed is getting exceptionally popular. Meet Curlie the Cockapoo pup, (Cocker Spaniel x Poodle), who loves to play in the woods and cuddle on the sofa. From the Master Teddy Bear Maker, Steiff

Curlie is an adorable 24 cm / 9.4″, non-jointed soft toy, Cockapoo puppy. He has been sewn from a gloriously luxurious and silk-soft tufty textured toffee plush with off-white accents and velvety smooth inner ears, paws and nose. He has glossy safety eyes, with a smart, two-tone moustache, combed evenly, either side of his nose, plus floppy ears and a waggy tail seal his popularity deal.