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New in – Top Model Toys!

September 26th, 2013, by

top model toys

Top Model toys are a new sensation that we just had to get our hands on and we now have a superb range of Top Model Products in stock.

Items include sticker books , colouring books, coloured pencils and much, much more!! All choc full of your favourite characters from the series. You can find out more about each individual character here.

These are sure to make an amazing gift for any budding young fashion designer!

PLUS…FREE Top Model paper gift bag with every purchase.

Have you met the Trash Pack yet?

July 12th, 2013, by

the trashies

Have you heard about the Trash Pack yet?

These collectable characters are some of the grossest monsters in town. With over 200 Trashies to choose from, each Trashie belongs to one of 6 gross gangs.

  • Movie Trash
  • The Grubz
  • Bin-sects
  • Bin Critters
  • Hard Rubbish
  • Bin Monsters

However, there is a whole host of super cool Limited Edition Trashies too!!! Each and every Trashie has a ‘rarity factor’:

  • common
  • rare
  • ultra rare
  • limited edition

If you want to be even rarer than rare…Look out for the glow in the dark Trashies!

The Trash Pack are a surprise you will find in any garbage bin!

Collect ‘Em, Trade Em’ Bin ‘Em!


Here at Toys and Hobbies we have a selection of Trash Pack series 3 toys, not to mention the fighting Trashies and liquid ooze packs.

Find out more information about the different Trashies here

Watch the YouTube commerical: