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TY Beanie Babies – Fun and Highly Collectable

May 16th, 2013, by

Originally launched in 1993, Beanie Babies have become a firm favourite with many children across the world due to their affordability and clever marketing strategy by TY inc. where ranges were limited in numbers. This has led to TY Beanies becoming highly collectable with early toys commanding higher prices.

The original nine


  • Legs the Frog
  • Squealer the Pig
  • Spot the Dog
  • Flash the Dolphin
  • Splash the Whale
  • Chocolate the Moose
  • Patti the Platypus
  • Brownie the Bear or Cubbie
  • Pinchers the Lobster

In 1999, TY decided to discontinue Beanie Babies but had to reconsider this after fans complained. In 2000, the next generation of Beanies was born.

Beanie Babies are easily identifiable. Everyone has two distinct tags, one in the ear (heart shaped tag) and one on their bottom. Their popularity however, led to many fakes flooding the market. It has been said that it was quite common for Beanies to have incorrect markings. Any Beanie Baby with an incorrect tag has a good chance of being collectable due to its rarity.

Beanie Babies 2.0

TY Beanie Babies went online in 2008. The new Beanies named Beanie Babies 2.0 came with a unique code that allowed the owner to go online and take part in an interactive portion of the TY website.

Beanie Babies are still as popular today as they ever were. New ranges are still being produced with popular characters being imortalised such as:


Hello Kitty, SpongeBob Squarepants, Moshi Monsters and many more. Today these toys are not just purchased by kids. Many adults who remember the first series, collect Beanies making them prized possessions for some.

To see some of the current Beanie Baby range, why not take a look at our website here: